Left Coalition Wins French Parliamentary Elections

The coalition of the left, New Popular Front, has won the parliamentary elections in France, securing 182 seats in the National Assembly.

According to the French Ministry of Internal Affairs, the New Popular Front emerged victorious in the early elections. Following closely, President Emmanuel Macron’s “Together” coalition took second place with 168 seats.

Marine Le Pen’s National Rally coalition came in third, winning 143 seats. The Republican Party received 45 seats, while the remaining movements shared 39 seats among them.

No coalition achieved an absolute majority in the second round of the elections. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced his resignation, effective Monday morning, but will stay in his role until a new government is formed.

This early election was called after President Macron dissolved parliament due to his party’s poor performance in the European Parliament elections, where Le Pen and Bardella’s National Rally won 31.4% of the vote, compared to Macron’s Renaissance party, which only garnered 14.6%.




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