Kyrgyzstan Reduces Medical Insurance Costs for Foreigners

Commencing February 1, 2024, Kyrgyzstan has revised the costs associated with the Compulsory Medical Insurance Policy (OMS) for foreigners.

The corresponding order has been officially sanctioned by the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic.

For Kyrgyz citizens, their family members, and workers from Eurasian Economic Union member states legally present and engaged in work activities in Kyrgyzstan, the OMS policy for 12 months will be priced at 1840 soms, up from the previous 1722 soms.

For refugees, individuals seeking asylum in Kyrgyzstan, and applicants, the cost for the OMS policy for 12 months is set at 1840 soms, aligning with the subsistence minimum for the relevant socio-demographic group in the Kyrgyz Republic for the previous calendar year.

For foreigners and stateless individuals, the monthly OMS cost is reduced to 5,955 soms from the previous 8,196 soms, and the annual fee is now 11,910 soms, down from the previous 16,391 soms. Foreign students studying in Kyrgyzstan will have a fixed cost of 11,910 soms for the 12-month policy.

The pricing adjustments for foreigners and stateless individuals are based on the average monthly salary of foreign citizens for the previous calendar year. These revisions aim to make medical insurance more accessible for individuals from various backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and supporting healthcare coverage in Kyrgyzstan.




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