Kyrgyzstan Celebrates Manas Epic Day: Japarov Extends Warm Wishes

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov conveyed heartfelt congratulations to the citizens of Kyrgyzstan on the occasion of the Day of the Epic “Manas”, TuraNews.kz reports citing the Kabar agency.

In a message to the people, President Japarov expressed the significance of the great epic “Manas,” which has been passed down through generations, retold from fathers to sons, and cherished in the hearts of the Kyrgyz people for centuries.

“The epic ‘Manas’ is the national pride of the Kyrgyz people, a significant spiritual heritage, a masterpiece of world folk poetry, and a guidebook sacredly revered by the people for many centuries,” noted President Japarov.

He emphasized that the Kyrgyz people are not only the custodians but also the successors of the epic “Manas.” The president highlighted the importance of the epic as a genuine work of folk art, a representation of the people’s history, and a source of national ideology.

Kyrgyz President drew parallels between the scarlet flag, coat of arms, and anthem as symbols of the state and the epic “Manas” as a symbol of national identity. He described the epic as reflecting the greatness and unity of the original Kyrgyz people, constituting the roots of the national ideology of multi-ethnic Kyrgyzstan.

In a broader context, President Japarov pointed out that in a world undergoing rapid and unpredictable changes, people worldwide are revisiting their histories and pasts, seeking spiritual foundations and moral values. He underlined the enduring significance of the epic “Manas” in intertwining the history, fate, values, traditions, way of life, and culture of the Kyrgyz people.

Referring to the popular expression, “Start with Manas, put everything aside!” President Japarov characterized it as encapsulating the original ideology, core, and great national spirit of Kyrgyzstan.

Japarov highlighted the government’s commitment to promoting the epic by signing a decree in April 2022 for the comprehensive study and popularization of the trilogy of the epic “Manas,” comprising “Manas,” “Semetey,” and “Seytek.” This initiative is aimed at preserving the invaluable spiritual heritage of the Kyrgyz people.

In conclusion, President Japarov extended warm wishes to all Kyrgyz people on the Day of the epic “Manas,” emphasizing its role in reflecting the national and spiritual unity of the country. He expressed hope that the sacred epic “Manas” would continue to serve as an ideological core, guiding the nation towards a bright future, and called for every Kyrgyz citizen to embody the spirit of Manas the Magnanimous.


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