Kazakhstan’s Largest Bank Suspends Russia’s Mir Payment

Credit organizations of countries that previously accepted Mir cards, following Turkish banks, stopped working with the Russian payment system. This was reported on Izvestia website.

So, in the BIDV call center of Vietnam, they said that they stopped accepting cards of the Russian payment system. According to an information shared by a bank employee, “BIDV continues to service VISA, Mastercard, Western Union, JCB, UnionPay cards but the Mir payment system is not on this list” said.

The Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan also stopped the transactions of Mir payment system card as they informed that they can not give service for Russian cards either through terminals or through ATMs for the time being.

Earlier, Turkish banks “Is Bankasi” and “DenizBank” refused to service the cards of the Russian payment system “Mir” in their ATMs and outlets, which are used as an acquirer. The decision was made after the statements by the US authorities about the possible imposition of sanctions on credit organizations that work with Mir cards outside of Russia.



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