Kazakhstan’s Average Salary for Q1 2024 Announced

The National Bureau of Statistics has released the latest data on the average monthly salary in Kazakhstan for the first quarter of 2024. The average salary across the Republic was recorded at 382,279 tenge ($867).

Compared to the same quarter in 2023, this represents a nominal increase of 12.3% and a real terms increase of 2.7%. The median salary, which reflects the central point of the salary range, was estimated at 251,997 tenge ($572).

Regionally, the most significant increases in average monthly nominal salary were observed in:

  • West Kazakhstan region: 18.2%
  • Almaty: 16.4%
  • Aktobe region: 16.1%
  • Pavlodar region: 15.9%

The Bureau clarified that the average salary figures include all types of additional fees, allowances, bonuses, taxes, and pension contributions per employee. These figures are calculated by dividing the total wage fund by the actual number of employees in enterprises.




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