Kazakhstan to increase share of pharmaceutical products to 50% by 2025

The share of medicines produced in Kazakhstan is planned to be increased to 50 percent by 2025. Thus, half of the medicines provided to patients for free should be produced in the country. This became known at a press briefing. According to experts, this figure is 22 percent now.

We intend to sign long-term contracts with domestic manufacturers for a period of 10 years for medicines` production. We intend to comprehensively address the issues of personnel shortages and development of science. It is also planned to localize the production of companies that are in the “Top-50” of global drug manufacturers in our country. “This will allow specialists, factories to transfer new technologies, import equipment and manufacture the necessary innovative original medicines. Several companies have already conducted negotiatons on this issue, and there is a special memorandum,” said Bauyrzhan Dzhussipov, spokesperson for Kazakh Health Ministry.

Qazaq TV


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