Kazakhstan set to increase renewables share in energy mix to 6% by 2025

France, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia intend to build large facilities of renewable energy sources in Kazakhstan. Companies from these countries have taken the initiative to conclude individual agreements, reports Jibek Joly.

Image: primeminister.kz

The head of the relevant department, Bolat Aksholakov said that they offer to sell electricity at a lower price than the current auction price.

“This November, it is planned to hold auctions for renewable energy projects with a total power of 690 megawatts to pursue this goal. In the current year, renewables auctions will happen thanks to enhanced measures to support investors in the renewable energy sector,” Aksholakov noted.

The minister informed about the introduction of new measures into the field. These are development activities based on the ESG principles using clean coal technologies, renewable energy, advanced gas and nuclear generation as well as the Smart Grid intelligent system. All these innovations are envisaged by the country’s Concept for the Development of the Electric Power Industry until 2035.


Jibek Joly


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