Kazakhstan Receives 922 Million Cubic Meters of Water from Uzbekistan via “Dostyk” Canal

Kazakhstan has secured 922 million cubic meters of water from Uzbekistan through the "Dostyk" interstate canal. This outcome emerged from the 86th session of the Interstate Water Management Coordination Commission (IWC), which saw participation from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

During the session, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Nurzhan Nurzhigitov led Kazakhstan’s delegation and successfully brokered the agreement for water supply. This agreement is pivotal for Kazakhstan’s irrigation season, ensuring a crucial water influx for agricultural needs.

Additionally, noteworthy figures were disclosed regarding water reservoirs in the region. The Shardara reservoir in the Turkestan region amassed 4.8 billion cubic meters of water, while the Toktogul reservoir in Kyrgyzstan accumulated 8 billion cubic meters. The latter serves as a vital water source for irrigating fields in southern Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, the session endorsed a proposed schedule for the Naryn-Syrdarya water reservoirs cascade, outlining activities until September 30 of the current year.


An integral part of the discussions pertained to the International Island Rescue Fund, an initiative spearheaded by Kazakhstan since the year’s commencement. Kazakhstan reported the completion of all organizational tasks related to the fund.

Moreover, delegates deliberated on the formulation of an agreement aimed at fostering water and energy cooperation among Central Asian nations.

Commenting on the proceedings, Minister Nurzhan Nurzhigitov emphasized the importance of water diplomacy, stressing the need to harness floodwaters for various regions, including southern Kazakhstan. He outlined plans to redirect excess water to lakes such as Caspian, Balkash, and Kamys-Samar, underscoring the multifaceted nature of water management in the country.

Looking ahead, the National Committee of the Ministry of Education and Culture is slated to convene in Turkmenistan in September of this year, marking another crucial gathering for regional cooperation and coordination.



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