Kazakhstan Ratifies Treaty on Allied Relations with Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan has officially ratified the Treaty on Allied Relations with Uzbekistan. The President signed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, marking a significant step towards strengthening the partnership between the two nations.

According to the statement released by Akorda, the text of the Law has been published in the press following the ratification process. This development follows the Senate’s ratification of the treaty on April 25, affirming the commitment of both countries to mutual cooperation.

The Treaty between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on allied relations was initially signed by the heads of both states on December 22, 2022, in Tashkent. The agreement aims to bolster collaboration across various sectors, including politics, trade, transit, energy, culture, and civil defense. It also emphasizes enhancing cooperation on the international stage.

Under the provisions of the treaty, the two nations will work together to strengthen parliamentary ties, engage political parties and public organizations, and collaborate on foreign policy, defense, and security matters. Additionally, the agreement underscores joint efforts to address emerging challenges such as terrorism, extremism, organized crime, cyber threats, illegal migration, and trafficking of illicit substances and weapons.


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