Kazakhstan Emerges as Wealthiest Nation in Central Asia

In a recent report by a finance magazine based in the USA, Kazakhstan has claimed the title of the wealthiest country in Central Asia, surpassing even economic giants like China.

According to the rankings compiled by Global Finance, Kazakhstan stands at 128th place out of 190 countries worldwide in terms of poverty, marking a significant milestone for the nation’s economic status. With a GDP-PPP of $34,534, Kazakhstan leads among its Central Asian counterparts, as reported by Kazinform, with a notable lead over neighboring Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

This achievement also places Kazakhstan ahead of other regional powers such as Azerbaijan, ranked 98th, and China, ranked 113th, in terms of poverty levels. However, Kazakhstan trails behind Türkiye, which holds the 140th spot in the poverty ranking.

The report highlights the stark contrast between the wealthiest and poorest nations globally, with South Sudan topping the list as the world’s poorest country, plagued by ongoing violence and humanitarian crises. Meanwhile, countries like Burundi and the Central African Republic continue to struggle with economic challenges despite abundant natural resources.

Among the top ten poorest countries are also the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Niger, Malawi, Liberia, Madagascar, and Yemen.

Conversely, Luxembourg, Macau, and Ireland stand at the bottom of the poverty ranking, reflecting their robust economic prosperity and stability.




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