Kazakhstan and Hungary: Expanding Partnership in Energy Sector

The EU aims to strengthen sustainable ties with Central Asian countries, particularly in the energy sector, reports citing Jibek Joly TV.

European diplomats consider Kazakhstan as a main pillar of the region, so cooperating with the country is expected to advance this goal. This was stated by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in an interview with Silk Way TV channel. According to him, the two countries are focusing on green and nuclear energy cooperation. Thus, Kazakhstan is planning to train nuclear experts.

Additionally, Szijjarto highlighted the upcoming commissioning of the large Rozhkovskoye gas condensate field by year-end, with Hungary investing about $200 million in this project. Overall, he called 2023 the most successful year in economic terms.

“We would like to see a much tighter cooperation between the EU and Kazakhstan as the EU is looking for diversification opportunities when it comes to safe supply of energy and we all see that Central Asia can be a reliable and absolutely credible source of diversification. Therefore, since we consider Kazakhstan as a main pillar of the Central Asian region, we do believe that the EU-Kazakhstan cooperation will definitely be able to contribute to this European goal. Hungary has been using nuclear power for more than four decades and we have a very positive experience with nuclear power. We do consider nuclear as a cheap, sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe way of generating energy. So, if I can give an advice, I would say that Kazakhstan, especially putting into consideration the huge reserves you do have of uranium, you should definitely go for nuclear as well,” Szijjarto said.


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