Kazakh-Turkish Collaboration Results in Detention of 8 Criminals in Türkiye

law enforcement officials from Kazakhstan and Türkiye successfully apprehended eight criminals wanted for offenses including fraud, grand theft, and involvement in a financial pyramid scheme.

The collaborative operation was conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan in coordination with their Turkish counterparts.

Since the beginning of the year, the Kazakh authorities, working hand in hand with Turkish law enforcement, have made significant strides in capturing individuals with outstanding warrants for various criminal activities.

According to reports, the detainees are suspected of being involved in fraudulent activities and orchestrating financial schemes.

In addition to the international operation, the territorial divisions of the Kazakh internal affairs bodies reported a notable achievement in January. Law enforcement successfully detained 237 individuals who were wanted for various criminal offenses. Furthermore, they were able to determine the whereabouts of 150 missing persons during the same period.



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