Kazakh Language Courses to be Offered at Oxford University

During a meeting between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Murat Nurtileu, and his counterpart from Great Britain, David Cameron, it was announced that a memorandum had been signed to launch Kazakh language courses at the University of Oxford.

Minister Nurtileu highlighted the significance of human capital as a shared value between Kazakhstan and Great Britain. He noted the active development of educational cooperation between the two nations in recent years.

“Our students and scientists have long found the British science and education system attractive. This year, agreements on partnership and a double degree program were signed between Narkhoz and Queen’s universities in London. Additionally, plans are underway to establish two international schools in Kazakhstan through agreements between Primus Capital and Ardingly Colleges. Today’s signing of a memorandum for Kazakh language courses at Oxford University further strengthens this educational collaboration,” stated Minister Nurtileu.

He also pointed out the discovery of important manuscripts and books related to Kazakh history in the libraries of British universities such as Oxford and Manchester, as well as in the National Museum. Minister Nurtileu highlighted a notable historical reference, citing the publication of British diplomat Anthony Jenkinson’s map of “Kazakhstan” in 1562.

“There is no doubt that such rich and accurate data will play a significant role in strengthening the bond between our two countries in the future,” emphasized the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.




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