IUTH Launches Big Data Tourism Project to Enhance Kazakhstan’s Travel Sector

A new initiative has been launched by the International University of Tourism and Hospitality (IUTH) in Kazakhstan, aiming to leverage big data analysis to enhance the country's tourism sector.

The establishment of a dedicated Research Center marks a significant step towards fostering applied scientific projects within the tourism domain. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan highlights the center’s focus on translating research findings into tangible solutions for the real economy.

Among the center’s flagship projects is “Big Data Analysis and Text Processing based on Traveler Reviews to Enhance Kazakhstan’s Tourism on a Global Scale.” Utilizing advanced techniques such as sentiment analysis and statistical modeling, the center’s experts delve into reviews and feedback from travelers on platforms like Tripadvisor. Specifically, they scrutinize accommodation, dining experiences, and attractions—key pillars of tourism—to assess Kazakhstan’s tourism landscape comprehensively. The insights gleaned from this analysis inform strategies to elevate the country’s tourism industry.

Furthermore, the center is committed to responding to tourists’ needs and preferences by crafting tailored plans and tourism offerings for both domestic and international routes. By incorporating feedback and suggestions from research endeavors, the center aims to design enriching and memorable experiences for travelers.

As the first state specialized university of its kind in Kazakhstan, the International University of Tourism and Hospitality is dedicated to cultivating a cadre of skilled professionals in tourism, hospitality, and leisure.



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