Inflation rises in Europe

Inflation continues to grow rapidly in Europe. In September, inflation figures that reached approximately 10% in the Eurozone and approximately 11% in across the European Union while the recession continues in the European economy.

While millions of Europeans now feel the inflation in their pockets, they have become more selective in their daily grocery shopping. We listened to the opinions of some Europeans on this matter,

“When I go to the grocery store for cooking oil and see that the prices are more expensive now, I feel really uncomfortable because the prices are rising up but we have less money now”


“I’m planning to save on various daily expenses by starting to cancel my internet contract. I am also seriously considering moving to a cheaper rental flat as well.”

Mass strikes are already taking place in France due to high inflation but Eurostat states that the economic situation in the country is still bearable and overall prices have increased by only 6.4%. The highest inflation figures are recorded in the Baltic countries, with 22% to 24% on an annual basis.


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