Increase in Chinese Tourists to Kazakhstan by Nearly 400,000

Kazakhstan's Minister of Tourism and Sports, Ermek Marzhykpayev, met with Sun Yeli, the Chinese Minister of Culture and Tourism, to discuss enhancing bilateral cooperation in tourism.

The meeting highlighted significant growth in tourism between the two countries. In 2023, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Kazakhstan surged to 367,000, a substantial increase. Meanwhile, 311,000 Kazakh tourists visited China, doubling the figures from 2022.

Currently, there are 44 flights per week connecting Kazakhstan and China.

To further promote Kazakhstan’s tourism potential, a Memorandum of Understanding with China Media Corporation (CMG) will be signed during the state visit of China’s Chairman to Kazakhstan. This agreement aims to strengthen tourism cooperation.

Sun Yeli praised the organization of events during the “Year of Kazakhstan Tourism in China” and expressed readiness to continue beneficial cooperation, enhancing economic, trade, and cultural ties.

Marzhykpayev also mentioned the upcoming World Nomad Games in September, where China’s national team will participate. Additionally, the closing ceremony for the “Year of Kazakhstan Tourism in China” is scheduled for December 2024 in Almaty.




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