Four Dead in Gas Cylinder Explosion in Uzbekistan Car

A tragic incident occurred in the Gallyaaral district of Uzbekistan's Jizzakh region when a gas cylinder exploded in a Nexia-2 car, resulting in the deaths of four individuals, including a 9-year-old child.

The explosion happened on May 28 while the car was in motion. According to the regional traffic police’s press service, the victims included the driver (born in 1961), his wife (born in 1968), and two other passengers (born in 1993 and 2015). All four died at the scene.

The accident took place shortly after the driver refilled the car’s gas cylinder on the M-39 Tashkent-Termez highway. The explosion, which was captured by a surveillance camera, highlighted the dangers associated with gas cylinder usage.

In response to the incident, the traffic police have urged the public to ensure timely inspections of gas cylinder equipment and adhere strictly to gas cylinder filling standards to prevent similar tragedies.



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