Floods in Kazakhstan: Over 43,000 Residents Return Homes

Authorities in Kazakhstan have reported significant progress in flood relief efforts as more than 43,000 people have been able to return to their homes amid ongoing bank protection works and water diversion initiatives.

Sharip provided updates during a briefing at the Central Communications Service, stating, “By this time, 43,015 individuals across the republic have returned to their residences, while 6,338 people remain housed in evacuation centers. Water diversion and pumping operations have been conducted in 7,710 residential structures and 2,844 yard areas across the North Kazakhstan, Atyrau, and Aktobe regions.”

Efforts to mitigate the floods involve a substantial mobilization of resources. Sharip revealed that over 14,000 personnel, along with 1,529 pieces of equipment, 226 water pumping units, 100 watercraft, and 6 aircraft are actively participating in rescue and flood management operations.

Additionally, authorities are closely monitoring the situation in the East Kazakhstan region, where heavy rainfall has led to an increase in water levels along the Bukhtarma and Kishi Ulba rivers. Responding swiftly, a joint task force comprising personnel from the Emergency Situations Department, military unit 68303 of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the Center for Disaster Medicine has been dispatched to the Altai and Glubokovsky regions. Aerial reconnaissance is also underway to assess the extent of the flooding and determine further actions needed.




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