Extreme Cold Grips Yakutia as Temperatures Approach -60 Degrees

Yakutia, in the Republic of Sakha, is experiencing exceptionally harsh winter conditions as temperatures approach the staggering -60 degree mark, reports citing YSIA (Yakut-Sakha News Agency).

Once again, Oymyakon asserts itself as the coldest inhabited region, recording the lowest temperature in Yakutia on the morning of December 5 at a bone-chilling minus 57 degrees.

Other areas such as Amga, Ytyk-Kyuel, and Churapcha reported temperatures dropping to minus 53 degrees, while Khabardino, Tyoply Klyuch, and Batamay experienced temperatures as low as minus 52 degrees.

Slightly milder temperatures, albeit still extremely cold, were noted in Namtsy, Ust-Nera, Verkhnevilyuysk, Ust-Mom, Krest-Khaldzhai, and Pokrovsk, ranging one or two degrees higher than the most frigid areas in the region.




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