Erdogan: We had a meeting with Putin in Astana

In the program where Turkey President met with young voters, he told about the content of meeting with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin whick took place in the capital of Kazakhstan.

Turkish leader stated that their meeting with Putin was about solving the food crisis.

“In the last meeting with Mr. Putin, we discussed what we can give to semi-developed or underdeveloped countries such as African countries, except for grain. What could it be? It’s Fertilizers. Because in countries with severe drought, the problem can be eliminated with the help of fertilizers,” Erdogan said.

Noting that they will not stop negotiations with the presidents of Russia and Ukraine at these critical times, President Erdoğan of Turkey stated that they had separately met with Putin and Zelenskyy 5 times in the past month. In addition, the Turkish leader also announced that they are in a mutual dialogue with the US President Joe Biden on the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.

Erdogan and Putin’s last meeting was on October 13 at the summit in Astana. At the meeting, the President of Turkey, with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation, called for stopping the bloodshed in Ukraine while Vladimir Putin told reporters at press conference that all his actions were “correct and timely”.


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