Erdogan Advocates Peaceful Resolution Amidst Rising Tensions

President Erdogan of Türkiye emphasized his nation's commitment to peace, expressing a desire to avoid conflict and suffering in the region.

Speaking to members of the Association of Independent Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Türkiye (MÜSIAD), Erdogan highlighted the importance of constructive dialogue over hostility. He cited the substantial trade volume between Türkiye and Israel, which has reached 9.5 billion dollars, as evidence of the potential for economic cooperation in the region.

Erdogan’s remarks underscored Türkiye’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict, asserting that Türkiye seeks to facilitate a peaceful resolution. He reiterated Türkiye’s condemnation of hostilities in Palestine and its efforts to urge the Israeli government to cease fire. Erdogan emphasized that Türkiye’s objective is not enmity, but rather the prevention of further bloodshed and suffering.

The Turkish government’s actions reflect this commitment, with measures aimed at both economic pressure on Israel and increased humanitarian aid to Palestine. Erdogan highlighted Türkiye’s leading role in providing humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip, with approximately 50,000 tons of goods already delivered.

Notably, Türkiye recently announced the suspension of trade and economic relations with Israel, signaling a decisive step in response to the ongoing conflict. The Ministry of Trade confirmed the implementation of state-level measures, including the suspension of export-import operations to Israel for all goods.




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