Emomali Rahmon: “Tajikistan Ready to Develop Hydropower Resources with SCO Partners”

President Emomali Rahmon of Tajikistan announced that the country is prepared to develop its hydropower resources in collaboration with partners from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This statement was made during the "SCO+" meeting at the Independence Palace in the capital, part of the SCO summit.

Rahmon highlighted that trade between Tajikistan and SCO member countries is steadily increasing. He also proposed specific joint projects in high technology, innovation, and artificial intelligence, emphasizing the involvement of both member states and partner countries.

The president  of Tajikistan emphasized the importance of actively involving observer states and dialogue partners in the SCO Business Council and the SCO Interbank Association.

Rahmon urged SCO member countries to join the agreement on creating favorable conditions for international road transport, which was signed in Dushanbe in 2014. He believes this will help better utilize cooperation in transport and energy sectors.

Furthermore, Rahmon pointed out Tajikistan’s significant hydropower resources and expressed readiness for extensive cooperation with SCO partners to develop these resources together.



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