Efforts Persist in Restoring Flooded Houses Across Kazakhstan

Еfforts to restore inundated homes in Kazakhstan are ongoing, with dedicated initiatives spearheaded by an Operational Headquarters established at the Ministry of Industry and Construction, acting on behalf of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. This proactive approach ensures timely response and coordination in addressing flood aftermath.

According to Meruert Ibraeva, the official representative of the Ministry of Railways of Kazakhstan, as briefed at the Central Communications Service, 5,678 residential buildings, including individual homes, multi-apartment buildings, and country houses, remain submerged. Of the 11,865 residential properties damaged, assessments indicate that 1,553 require complete reconstruction while 1,786 need repairs.

In response, 34 contracting companies have initiated the construction of 398 houses across five regions, including Aktobe and West Kazakhstan. Additionally, in Kostanay, the local government procured 31 apartments for affected families.

Construction activities are underway in various regions, with multiple contracting firms engaged in rebuilding efforts. In Aktobe, 11 companies are constructing 89 houses, while in the West Kazakhstan region, 12 firms are involved in building 203 houses across different districts. Similar efforts are being undertaken in other affected areas, including Karaganda, Pavlodar, and North Kazakhstan.

Authorities are diligently securing contractors to expedite housing restoration projects, ensuring a concerted and sustained approach to alleviating the impact of the floods on affected communities.



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