Earthquake Alert: Three Tremors Near Almaty Today

In a series of seismic events today, Almaty and its surrounding areas experienced three earthquakes

Today, on January 25th, the seismic monitoring network of “Scientific Center for Seismological Observations and Researches” under the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan has detected three earthquakes in close proximity to Almaty.

The first earthquake struck at 00:45, with its epicenter situated 261 km southeast of Almaty within Chinese territory. The seismic event recorded an energy class of 10.9, a magnitude of 4.9 MPV, and occurred at a depth of 15 km. Despite its intensity, there were no reports of the quake being felt within Kazakhstan.

Shortly after, at 01:33, a second earthquake was documented by the Seismological Observations and Research Scientific Center of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The epicenter was positioned in China, 262 km southeast of Almaty. This tremor held an energy class of 10.4, a magnitude of 4.6 MPV, and took place at a depth of 5 km. Similar to the first, it did not cause any noticeable effects within Kazakhstan.

Finally, at 01:59, a third earthquake occurred with its epicenter located 273 km southeast of Almaty, also in Chinese territory. This seismic event had an energy class of 10.4, a magnitude of 4.9 MPV, and a depth of 5 km. No reports of the quake being felt on Kazakhstani soil have been received.

The Center continues to monitor the situation, and residents are urged to stay informed about seismic activity in the region.





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