Dimash Unveils New Music Video: “When I’ve Got You”

Renowned Kazakh singer Dimash Qudaibergen premiered his latest music video, "When I've Got You," on February 26 in Istanbul.The unveiling coincided with a press conference hosted by the artist in anticipation of his upcoming solo concert in Türkiye.

The concept for the music video, conceived by Dimash and director Galym Asylov, offers a glimpse into the private life of a globally recognized artist. In the narrative, a young journalist, chosen by Dimash himself, embarks on an interview filled with anticipation and anxiety, delving into the enigmatic persona of the artist.

“Dimash is known for his humility and privacy. With this project, we aimed to present him in a different light, crafting a fictionalized portrayal akin to a character in a book,” shared Asylov.

'When I've Got You': Dimash presents new music video

The production process, spearheaded by Asylov and co-director Zhanibek Gusmanov, unfolded in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with a team of over 70 individuals collaborating on the project, including specialists from China. The meticulous attention to detail extended to the creation of the protagonist’s costume and the overall artistic vision.

Casting proved to be a rigorous process, with numerous actresses and models considered for the lead role and supporting characters. Filming took place across three distinct locations, each carefully selected to evoke an aura of ancient culture.

'When I've Got You': Dimash presents new music video

The musical composition, penned by Dimash himself, features lyrics by Candice Kelly and collaboration with co-writer and co-producer Dmytro Gordon. Gordon, reflecting on the experience, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside Dimash on a project that pushes artistic boundaries.

“Dimash wanted to explore a fusion of blues, jazz, rock, and R&B, and we aimed to create something fresh and edgy—a departure from his usual style. The result is a dynamic blend of instruments and genres, combining heavy drums and electric guitars with orchestral elements, synthesizers, and even a choir,” remarked Gordon.

“When I’ve Got You” marks a bold artistic venture for Dimash, showcasing his versatility and willingness to experiment with new sounds and storytelling techniques.


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