ChatGPT in Kazakh Language to Launch by Year-End

Kazakhstan's Minister of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry, Zhaslan Madiev, provided an update on the progress of creating a Kazakh version of ChatGPT.

“A corpus of the Kazakh language is currently being compiled, with words in their original Kazakh form. High-quality texts are being translated using various tools, and all this data is combined and tokenized. The model will undergo periodic training based on this data. The duration of the model’s training depends on the computing power of the machines used for this purpose,” explained the minister.

According to Madiev, GPT chat is actively used by both government officials and ordinary citizens.

“Our estimates suggest that by December, we will have a fully-developed Kazakh model, enabling us to launch a Kazakh GPT. This is very important for our country. Even now, civil servants and citizens use GPT chat and upload information. We want these models to reflect our cultural specifics and ensure accurate translation,” he said.

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It is noteworthy that ChatGPT is a neural network developed by the American non-profit company OpenAI. It allows users to communicate with artificial intelligence, ask questions, and assign tasks. Recently, this technology has gained significant popularity among users.




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