Car Registration Fees Surge 68-Fold in Uzbekistan

Effective April 1st, car owners in Uzbekistan are facing a substantial increase in registration and re-registration fees, skyrocketing from 34 thousand to 2.32 million soums - a staggering 68-fold rise. Electric vehicle registration fees have also surged, albeit less drastically, increasing 15 times. The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued this directive just ahead of the implementation date.

According to, the order issued by Uzbekistan’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Pulat Bobojonov, mandates the new fee structure. Previously, registration fees for all vehicles amounted to 10% of the basic calculated value (BV), equivalent to 34 thousand soums ($2.7). Now, this rate has soared to 6.84 BV, translating to 2.32 million soums ($186).

Similarly, fees for registering electric vehicles and conventional motor vehicles have surged 15 times, reaching 1.5 BV or 510 thousand soums ($41).

According to, car sales in Uzbekistan surged in 2023, totaling 1.69 million vehicles – an 18% increase from the previous year. As of January 1, 2024, the country boasted over 4.020 million registered vehicles owned by individuals, with passenger cars accounting for nearly 3.8 million of them.

Statistics from the Uzbekistan Statistics Agency reveal that, on average, 100 Uzbek households own approximately 57 cars, indicating a steady rise in vehicle ownership over the years. This figure has steadily climbed from 21 cars per 100 households in 2010 to 49 in 2020.


Fergana Agency


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