Book by Al-Farabi Discovered in Uzbekistan

A book written by the great thinker and scholar Abu Nasr Al-Farabi has been found in the Namangan region of Uzbekistan.

Local authorities reported that, along with the book, ancient swords dating back to the 11th-14th centuries were also discovered.

“Three rare books contain unique knowledge related to science, philosophy, and history,” stated the report.

The Aksikent Archaeological Park “Yangi Ahsi” has gained 10 invaluable new exhibits, including a Bactrian coin from 475-600 AD and a Chinese coin from the 19th century.

Experts believe that a sword found in Namangan dates back to the 11th century. It has been preserved in the condition it was left after a battle. The sword, made from hard steel by Aksikent blacksmiths, remains a mystery in its creation. Another weapon from the 14th century was used by special warriors of Amir Timur. Additionally, the steel center of Aksikent is renowned worldwide for its production of both soft and hard steel.



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