Average Monthly Salary in Uzbekistan’s Capital Reaches $370 in 2023

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is set to see an average monthly salary of $370 in 2023, according to recent data released by the Statistics Agency under the President of the Republic

The average monthly nominal wage for the entire country at the end of 2023 is reported to be 4.551 million soums, indicating a notable growth rate of 17.2 percent compared to the previous year.

The statistics agency further highlighted that the Tashkent region boasts the highest average salary in the country, standing at 7.453 million soums, equivalent to over $600. Following Tashkent, Navoi recorded an average salary of $480, while the Tashkent regions maintained an average of $370.

Conversely, Namangan, Kashkadarya, and Surkhandarya regions reported the lowest salaries, each averaging $270.

To derive these figures, the statistics agency utilized data from 3,101,000 employees, representing various sectors. Notably, 37.7% of the employees were from the education sector, 18.3% from industry, and 16.9% from healthcare. The overall data paints a picture of the economic landscape in Uzbekistan, showcasing both growth and regional variations in average salaries across the country.





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