Anshuak” Children’s Song Festival Debuts in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is set to host the inaugural "Anshuak" children's song festival, a special cultural event dedicated to International Children's Day

The Ministry of Education’s press service announced this significant addition to the country’s cultural calendar, emphasizing its role in celebrating national identity and spiritual culture among the younger generation.

The festival will kick off with a nationwide children’s song challenge starting from February 1. Children aged 6 to 18 are invited to participate by uploading a live video of a children’s song on the TikTok social network, using the hashtag #АНШХУАК. The culmination of this challenge will be revealed on June 1, coinciding with International Children’s Day.

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Concerts in an Open Air format are scheduled to take place in every settlement across the country on this day. Additionally, a gala concert for the “Anshuak” festival will be held in the capital city.

Meruert Medetbekova, the director of the Department of Educational Work and Additional Education, highlighted the festival’s unique focus on revealing the spiritual wealth of the country. She expressed hope that it will instill a sense of pride in Kazakhstan among the younger generation by emphasizing traditional historical, spiritual, and cultural values.

The festival features a distinctive element where performers of the most popular songs receive tickets to the republican gala concert of regional governors. Participants are also recognized with diplomas, valuable gifts, and a ticket to “Baldauren” ROO.

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the organizer of the “Anshuak” Children’s Song Festival, with detailed information available on


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