Afghanistan Plans to Send Labor Migrants to Russian Regions

Afghanistan is planning to send labor migrants to the Russian regions of Chechnya and Tatarstan, according to O. Abdul Umari, Minister of Labor and Social Relations of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. He announced this during a briefing on the outcomes of his participation in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The Afghan state news agency Bakhtar reported that Abdul Umari described his visit as successful and filled with achievements. He mentioned that he held discussions with officials from various countries about employing Afghan workers during the forum.

The Afghan Minister of Labor and Social Protection had detailed talks with the Russian Minister of Labor about securing employment for Afghan workers in the agricultural sector, particularly in Chechnya and Tatarstan.

Similar discussions were held with representatives from Dagestan and other countries, including Turkmenistan and Oman. Agreements have been reached to provide employment opportunities for Afghans in these regions.



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