A Robot Inspector Takes to the Streets of Tashkent

Residents of Tashkent were surprised to spot a new addition to the city's streets: a robot inspector on four wheels, equipped with cameras and flashing lights. Launched in a test mode, this robotic assistant is designed to detect offenses and transmit data to prevention inspectors.

Eyewitnesses noticed the robot, resembling a small vehicle, equipped with high-resolution 180- and 360-degree cameras and a GPS system, moving along the streets of the capital. According to officials from the Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate, the robot serves as an assistant inspector for prevention purposes.

The primary aim of this robotic assistant is to enhance crime prevention in urban and rural areas. Equipped with advanced technology, including cameras capable of recording various offenses, the robot can capture violations such as littering. Data regarding these infractions is then transmitted to prevention inspectors via a tablet.

With its ability to monitor and record offenses, including minor violations, the robot inspector represents a technological advancement in law enforcement efforts aimed at maintaining order and safety in public spaces.



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