29 Killed in Istanbul Nightclub Fire

Tragedy struck the Besiktas district of Istanbul as a fire engulfed a residential building, claiming the lives of at least 29 people, according to local authorities.

Initially, Istanbul provincial governor Davut Gul reported 25 fatalities and three individuals hospitalized with severe injuries. However, the death toll has since risen to 29, with one person undergoing treatment for injuries sustained in the blaze.

The fire erupted at 12:47 local time in the basement of a 16-story residential building in the Gairettepe district within Besiktas. The Masquerade nightclub, undergoing renovations, occupied two basement floors.

Preliminary investigations indicate that all deceased were construction workers employed at the nightclub.

Authorities are probing the cause of the fire, leading to the detention of eight individuals, including the establishment’s management, as reported by Turkish media.

Istanbul City Hall revealed that neither the nightclub owners nor the contractor had sought permits or provided information regarding the renovation work. The department pledged to monitor the investigation’s progress and ensure public transparency.


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