Yandex Go Introduces Electronic Receipts for Cash Payments in Uzbekistan

The popular taxi aggregator, Yandex Go, has initiated the issuance of electronic receipts to passengers who opt for cash payments in Uzbekistan, as announced by the press service of the Tax Committee.

The recent launch of the Receipt application in December, marks the introduction of trip fiscalization by the taxi aggregator. Currently, other similar services do not provide electronic receipts.

During December, Yandex Go facilitated approximately 4.4 million trips through online aggregators, executed by around 80.1 thousand self-employed drivers. By the end of January, these figures had surged, with trip numbers surpassing 5 million and the count of self-employed taxi drivers exceeding 113.5 thousand.

“The Tax Committee is actively working to establish integration with tax authorities for other online taxi aggregators to ensure the issuance of receipts to passengers, regardless of payment method,” stated the message.

The Tax Committee underscored that cashback is not applicable to fiscal receipts issued by self-employed individuals through the Soliq mobile application.

In the initial six days of the new system’s operation, approximately 800 thousand receipts were generated, with total payments reaching 13.5 billion soums. Additionally, MyTaxi, Uklon, and other companies have finalized integration processes and are poised to launch trip fiscalization soon.

On December 4, the Committee for the Development of Competition and Protection of Consumer Rights acknowledged Yandex Go’s dominant position in the taxi market, capturing 86.3% market share. This recognition highlighted potential risks associated with unilateral influence on pricing.



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