Uzbekistan Sees Remarkable Surge in Electric Vehicle Imports, Up Over Sixfold

In an astonishing surge, the import of electric vehicles to Uzbekistan has skyrocketed, reaching more than six times the figures seen in previous years. Over a span of ten months, a staggering 22.49 thousand electric vehicles found their way into the country, according to a report by the Customs Committee’s press service, TuraNews.kz, reports citing gazeta.uz.

This notable surge in imports represents a significant increase of 6.1 times compared to the corresponding period in 2022, which witnessed the arrival of 3,679 electric cars. The total value of these deliveries reached an impressive $582.3 million, signifying a substantial financial investment in electric mobility.

Comparing the current statistics with data from the same timeframe last year, it becomes evident that the volume of deliveries has expanded nearly thirteenfold. In the corresponding period in 2021, 1,749 electric vehicles with a total worth of $55.4 million were introduced into the Uzbek market.

Over the past three months, spanning August to October, a remarkable 15.1 thousand electric vehicles, valued at $365.3 million, were imported into Uzbekistan, underscoring the sustained growth in the electric vehicle sector.

The report also highlights that China continues to dominate the market, accounting for 91.7% of electric vehicle exports. During the ten-month period, a total of 20.64 thousand electric vehicles arrived in Uzbekistan from China, with 13.74 thousand making their way in the past three months alone.

Taking second place is Hong Kong, contributing 5.6% of the electric vehicle market with 1,258 cars. Other countries, such as the United Arab Emirates (147 cars), South Korea (136), the USA (134), and Germany (125), also play their part in bolstering the electric vehicle landscape. This surge in electric vehicle imports highlights Uzbekistan’s growing commitment to embracing sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions.


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