Uzbekistan Plans Subsidies for Swapping “Harmful” Cars with “Clean” Ones

Uzbekistan to subsidize the replacement of vehicles categorized as "harmful" with environmentally friendly alternatives. The Ministry of Economy and Finance has been tasked with devising financing proposals for this initiative within a month.

On March 29, Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov signed a decree aimed at curbing the adverse impact of vehicles on the atmosphere.

The decree outlines plans to provide subsidies for car replacements. The Ministry of Economy and Finance has been directed to present a proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers within the specified timeframe to implement a subsidy system, enabling citizens to exchange their “harmful” category vehicles for cleaner options.

Furthermore, the ministry is mandated to formulate financing strategies grounded in contemporary approaches to safeguard atmospheric quality and combat pollution.

The decree also mandates the implementation of an automated vehicle assessment system in line with established standards. Additionally, it calls for the issuance of environmental stickers in green, yellow, and red hues, denoting “clean,” “medium,” and “harmful” environmental classifications respectively.





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