Uzbekistan Plans Government Relocation to ‘New Tashkent’

Uzbekistan's President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has decreed the relocation of all ministries and departments to the burgeoning "New Tashkent" district.

According to the presidential decree issued on April 19, titled “On additional measures to reduce state participation in the economy,” mandates the transfer of executive authorities to the newly designated area.

Mirziyoyev has directed the construction coordination council to submit proposals within three months for the seamless relocation of government agencies, with a focus on optimizing existing administrative buildings and reallocating funds generated from their sale towards the construction of new administrative facilities in “New Tashkent.”

“New Tashkent” constitutes the 13th district of the Uzbek capital, covering an expansive area of nearly 20 thousand hectares. This territory was delineated from the Yukorichirchik (17.3 thousand hectares) and Urtachirchik (2.4 thousand hectares) districts of the Tashkent region. The development of “New Tashkent” is being spearheaded by the British architectural firm Cross Works.

President Mirziyoyev initiated the symbolic commencement of “New Tashkent” construction in March of the previous year, citing demographic imperatives as the driving force behind the new district’s establishment.

The first phase of construction commenced in April, with plans underway to erect a significant portion of the district’s infrastructure by 2027, signaling a concerted effort by Uzbekistan’s leadership to revitalize economic prospects and foster sustainable urban development.



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