Uzbekistan Plans 22% Increase in Coal Production to Meet Growing Demands

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan has issued a directive to boost coal production by 22%, with a focus on meeting the needs of the population, social services, and various industries. This decision was announced during a meeting on January 15, reports.

The statement released after the meeting highlighted the necessity of the 22% increase in coal production, specifically considering the demands of the population, social services, and industrial sectors. Additionally, President Mirziyoyev emphasized the importance of exploring efficient practices for processing enrichment waste.

During a presentation on geological activities, Mirziyoyev discussed measures to augment the volume of geological exploration work and the exploitation of coal reserves in the region.

The press service further noted that, at the start of 2023, President Mirziyoyev’s office reported a notable increase in coal production in the republic. Over recent years, the coal production figures have risen from 4 million tons to 5.3 million tons, showcasing a growing emphasis on the development of this crucial energy resource in Uzbekistan.




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