Uzbekistan Considers Implementation of Driver Penalty Points System

Uzbekistan is contemplating the introduction of a penalty points system for drivers, with the legislative chamber taking a significant step forward. In the initial reading, a bill proposing the initiation of a system for assigning penalty points based on traffic violations was adopted, TuraNews.kz reports.

The penalties ranging from 0.5 to 2 points could be imposed for infractions like speeding. Temporary suspension of driving privileges would be enforced once a driver accumulates 12 points

The Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis conceptually approved the bill during a meeting on November 28, marking a crucial development in the potential establishment of this penalty points system in Uzbekistan.

Originally slated for launch on December 1, 2022, as per the President’s decree, the system’s implementation has been delayed. The Traffic Safety Inspectorate announced a test phase, during which they would record violations without imposing fines. During this period, adjustments to the bill were still being fine-tuned in collaboration with deputies.

Bekmurod Abdullaev, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Head of the Department of Public Security of the Republic of Uzbekistan, highlighted a surge in accidents attributed to some drivers neglecting traffic rules. The proposed penalty points system aims to address and mitigate such issues, promoting safer road practices in the country.


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