Uzbek Chef Cooks Pilaf for Flood Victims in Uralsk

In times of natural calamities, humanity shines through. Amidst the recent devastating floods in Kazakhstan, solidarity has poured in from across borders. A notable example is Ali Batyruly, who hails from Uzbekistan and has arrived in Uralsk to extend a helping hand.

Ali, the proud owner of a restaurant in Tashkent, has dedicated several days in Uralsk to his noble cause. Every day, he orchestrates the preparation of pilaf, a beloved dish, to feed 500 people affected by the floods.

His decision to journey to Kazakhstan was swift upon hearing news of the floods. “I couldn’t sleep. I immediately bought a ticket and arrived in Uralsk,” he shared. Guided by his friend Maksat Skakov, who resides in Uralsk, Ali embarked on his mission of compassion. “I love the Kazakhs,” he added warmly.



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