Turkmenistan’In Ahal Teke atlarI

Ahal Teke horses, the heritage of Turkmen culture, are considered among the most valuable and delicate horses in the world.

Akhal Teke horses; fast, agile and delicate. They are the pride of Turkmenistan. Akhal Teke horses also draw attention with their performance in great harmony with their riders. The acrobatics that jockeys perform on them are highly appreciated.

The General Art Director of Galkinish National Equestrian Team, Pigi Bayramdurdiye told us about Ahal Teke horses.

“Akhal Teke horses are a part of our culture, an unique heritage of the Turkmen.
Our children are introduced to horses at a very young age. Over time, a special bond develops between the horse and the jockey. In this way, They understane each other and their trust in each other increase.”

Galkinish National Equestrian Team rehearses for hours every day with Akhal Teke horses. As a result of their hard work, the equestrian team is deemed worthy of many awards at international festivals.

‘The horse named ‘Akhan’ entered the Guinness Book of Records

Akhan, a member of the Galkinish National Equestrian Team, is one of the famous horses. He entered the Guinness Book of Records by completing the 10-meter distance in a rear up position in 4.19 seconds.

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