Turkish Language and Culture Center Opened at Karaganda University

Karaganda University witnessed the official opening of the Turkish Language and Culture Center, housed at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of KarU. E.A. Buketova, reports.

The center, established in collaboration with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), is not only a venue for regular classes but also a hub for various thematic events. TIKA, known for its commitment to promoting and developing the Turkish language globally, played a pivotal role in the renovation and setup of the new facility.

Gulnaz Tleuzhanova, the dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, expressed, “This marks the fourth center inaugurated by TIKA in Kazakhstan. The center underwent a complete renovation, adopting serene colors in its design, and is equipped with high-quality furniture and facilities, including a large screen and a multimedia panel. Training sessions will feature the active participation of two lecturers from Turkey, who have been collaborating with us for two years. Additionally, a range of educational events, including master classes, will be hosted here.”

At present, over 500 students at KarU are enrolled in Turkish language courses. The new center is poised to provide a more comfortable environment for students to pursue their studies.


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