Turkish Foreign Ministry Condemns Israel’s “Genocidal Policies”

Türkiye's Foreign Ministry has issued a stern condemnation of what it describes as the "genocidal policies of the extremist Israeli government," asserting that these policies pose a grave threat to both Palestinians and Israelis alike.

The ministry’s statement comes in response to a social media post by Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, prompting Türkiye to address what it perceives as ongoing injustices against Palestinians by Israel.

In a written statement, Türkiye’s Foreign Ministry emphasized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s consistent condemnation of Israel’s actions against Palestinians, portraying Türkiye’s efforts as relentless in seeking to end what it terms “massacres” perpetrated by Israel. Moreover, Türkiye asserts that it is taking decisive measures to isolate Israel from the international community.

The ministry’s statement underscores the motivation behind what it characterizes as “unfounded accusations” and disrespectful attacks against Türkiye and President Erdogan by some Israeli politicians. It argues that such attacks stem from Türkiye ‘s vocal stance against Israel’s policies.

According to Türkiye , the “extremist Israeli government’s genocidal policies” not only jeopardize the lives and rights of Palestinians but also pose a significant threat to Israelis themselves.

Türkiye pledges to persistently highlight what it perceives as Israel’s racist and unjust treatment of Palestinians and vows to champion this cause until Palestinians achieve statehood within their own territory.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry also rebukes Israeli Foreign Minister Katz for what it views as defamatory statements, specifically regarding President Erdogan’s remarks concerning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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