Turkic States to Monitor Climate Change Effects with Jointly Produced Cube Satellite

Turkic states are embarking on a collaborative effort to observe the impacts of climate change using a cube satellite they will collectively produce, with the aim of devising solutions to mitigate its associated challenges.

Samaddin Asadov, Chairman of the Board of Azerbaijan Space Agency (Azercosmos), shared insights into their space and satellite endeavors.

Speaking in Ankara during the 3rd Meeting of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) Space Agencies, held as part of the Space Technology Conference hosted by the Turkish Space Agency, Asadov highlighted the primary focus of the gathering: the joint development of a cube satellite among Turkic states.

Asadov emphasized Azercosmos’ steadfast support for the project, both financially and technically, from its inception.

He outlined their initial objective of utilizing cube satellites to gather data on climate-related issues, particularly water resource management, drought monitoring, and salinity levels. Asadov noted that optical sensors onboard these satellites would facilitate data collection.

Additionally, Asadov pointed out that these sensors could also offer insights into carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

Regarding the production of cube satellites, Asadov revealed that both Kazakhstan and Türkiye have presented proposals and he underscored the importance of focusing on the collaborative benefits the project would bring to Turkic states, prioritizing its contribution over its origin.



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