Turkic States Form Special Team for Joint Satellite Project

Turkic states have initiated the establishment of a dedicated team of engineers to bolster collaboration in satellite production, aiming to jointly manufacture satellites.

Mirvokhid Azimov, Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS), provided insights into the progress made in the realm of space and satellite technology.

Addressing a gathering in Ankara for the 3rd Meeting of OTS Space Agencies as part of the Space Technology Conference hosted by the Turkish Space Agency, Azimov described the discussions as highly productive and successful.

Highlighting the importance of such initiatives, Azimov mentioned that they deliberated various aspects of space exploration and reached agreements on several fronts. He also touched upon the positive impact of events like the Space Camp Türkiye, emphasizing their role in enriching the knowledge of youth and fostering a sense of solidarity and belief in a shared future.

Azimov disclosed that a technical working group was established last year within OTS to oversee the Cube Satellite Project. Now, they are moving forward with the formation of a specialized team of engineers tasked with working on a joint satellite on behalf of the Turkic states. This team will conduct its operations at a research center in Kazakhstan, with member states sending their engineers to kickstart the research activities. The ultimate goal is to launch a cube satellite to investigate environmental conditions in member states and conduct relevant studies.

Also Azimov expressed OTS’s aspiration to enhance cooperation among universities and research centers in space research.




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