Turkic Cultural Showcase in Geneva as Part of Turkic World Week

As part of the ongoing Turkic World Week at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, an exhibition showcasing the cultural richness of Turkic nations was unveiled. Artists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Türkiye, and Turkmenistan contributed to the display, presenting a diverse array of artworks.

The exhibition featured traditional handicrafts from various Turkic regions, alongside a collection of rare artifacts. Additionally, a selection of paintings by artists and a creative laboratory organized by TURKSOY were highlights of the event.

The opening ceremony, led by TURKSOY Secretary General Sultan Raev, attracted notable figures including the President of the Turkic Academy and the President of the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation, as well as UN representatives, diplomats, and art enthusiasts.

In an interview, Raev emphasized TURKSOY’s commitment to promoting Turkic culture and art globally. “Our primary mission is to foster cultural exchange and strengthen the bonds between Turkic peoples. By showcasing our cultural heritage, we aim to highlight the unity and creativity of the Turkic world”, he stated.



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