Turkic Academy President Meets with Kazakhstan’s Deputy Foreign Minister

On February 8, Shahin Mustafaev, President of the Turkic Academy, welcomed Alibek Bakayev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for a significant meeting at the academy's headquarters.

The visit commenced with Bakayev’s tour of the Turkic Academy’s museum and perusal of its scholarly publications. Mustafayev took the opportunity to provide an overview of the academy’s achievements in the past year and shed light on ongoing projects.

Subsequently, discussions ensued regarding potential collaborative endeavors between the two entities. Bakayev expressed his readiness to support initiatives proposed by the Turkic Academy and extended his best wishes for their future endeavors.

The meeting saw the participation of key figures, including Tleuzhan Seksenbay, advisor to the President of the Turkic Academy; Olzhas Togyzbayev, Deputy Director of the Near East, Middle East, and Africa Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan; Edil Myrzakhanov, Head of the Directorate of Multilateral Cooperation; alongside Assem-Dariya Abayeva and Dinmuhammed Ametbek, experts from the academy.



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