The residence prices on the rise in Kazakhstan

In the news conveyed by the National Bureau of Statistics, it was stated that housing prices in Kazakhstan continued to increase.

In September, prices in the second-hand housing market has increased by more than 1% compared to August and the average square meter price exceeded 474,000 tenge.

When we look at the increase figures between regions, There was an increase of about 17% in most housing prices in the Aktobe region. It is reported that there are increases in housing prices in the cities of Aktau, Kostanay, Jezkazgan, Pavlodar and Ural as well.

However, the highest increase in prices last month was in the rental house market. Compared to August, rental house prices have increased by 14.5% and if  we compare them with the previous year’s prices, we see that there is a serious increase in rental housing market like 47.2%.

Prices in the second-hand housing market increased by approximately 26%, while the prices of new residences increased by approximately 18%.

Jibek Joly


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