Thailand Introduces Visa-Free Regime for Central Asian and Other Countries

Starting June 1, Thailand will implement a visa-free regime for citizens of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and 34 other countries. This change, aimed at boosting tourism, will allow Uzbek citizens to enter Thailand without needing a visa.

Previously, Uzbek nationals received a visa upon arrival, valid for 30 days. With the new policy, they will no longer need to apply for a visa to enter Thailand. Additionally, students will be permitted to stay in Thailand for up to a year after completing their studies.

The Thai government has expanded the list of countries eligible for visa-free entry from 57 to 93. Similarly, the number of countries whose citizens can obtain a visa on arrival has increased from 19 to 31. Kazakhstan is also included in the updated list of visa-free countries.

These measures are part of Thailand’s efforts to attract more tourists and facilitate easier travel for international visitors.




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