Tatarstan Targeted by Drone Attacks

At least seven individuals sustained injuries as a result of the assault.

Tatarstan faced drone strikes, marking the first such incident in the region. The attacks targeted the Alabuga Special Economic Zone, home to a facility assembling kamikaze drones.

The drone strikes also affected enterprises in Elabuga and Nizhnekamsk, resulting in injuries to several individuals. Tatarstan President Rustam Minikhanov reassured reporters that while there were casualties, there was no significant damage to the infrastructure or disruption to industrial operations.

Video footage of the drone strike in Yelabuga has circulated on Russian Telegram channels. According to reports from the “Caution, News” channel, the attack damaged a complex of hostels constructed in 2022 for employees of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone and students of the local Alabuga Polytech college.



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